Puddle of Squirt

Monday was busy, I went to two police stations to retrieve money that was stolen from me, took stepmom out for Mother’s Day dinner then I met Oscar.

I arrived close to 11pm, instead of 10pm – whoops! – so after he showed some stuff he bought over the weekend, we went straight to bed.

“I made something for you,” he said, grabbing my hand and placing it on his hard cock.

I rolled my eyes and continued talking while stroking his bulge. Oscar pulled his shorts down to reveal his swollen cock. It wasn’t long before I parked myself in between his legs.

“Take this off,” I said as I pull his shorts down. I inched away, allowing him to remove his shorts completely. Boy was that one hard cock!

I went down on him. Took that cock all the way to the back of my throat, then forced it deeper so that it goes all the way down. Man…he is so fucking girthy, you won’t believe it.

My tongue flirted with his balls. Slowly stroking them up and down, left to right, taking them gently in my mouth then setting them free, over and over again. Oscar went wild with every stroke of my tongue. I love watching him high like that.

He stood up, came over me, spread my legs apart and went down on me. Oscar and I are still new, this was only our second time sexing but his oral sex is not bad; he got my clit just right.

He got on his knees, stroke the tip of his hard cock against my wet cunt. Slowly… Up and down… Up and down… Urgh. He’s such a teaser.

Oscar took me by the ankles then placed them on his shoulders. I believe this is his favourite position when making an entrance…well…it’s a grand one.

The tip of his cock entered me slowly, forcing its way through the wet hole. Oh it was sooo good. He fucked me over and over, thrusting his huge cock in me.

He lay down next to me, rolled me  over sideways, lifted my left leg up and fucked me from behind. Oh it’s so good. I turned to look at him and we kissed while he pounds my pussy. I pulled his hand and put it on my neck; he grabs me and I’ve never felt so alive.

After a while, I rode him. I entered slowly, grinding his cock. I went faster. Then slow. Fast again, then slow.

“Wait. I want to squeeze you with my pussy…”  


I love looking at men when they’re high. It makes me want to give more. I fucked him harder. And harder. And harder.

“I’m gonna cum…”

My cunt left his cock, and my mouth took over. Jesus Christ. His cum filled up my entire mouth.

“That’s a lot of cum.”

“Really? Okay. Give me some time to rest.”

“What did you have for dinner?”


“Ahh. Yeah. I could taste the chicken.”

“Really? Does it taste acidic? There’s lemon too.”

“A bit, yeah. It tastes fresh though. At what time did you have dinner?”

“Around seven…”  

“Okay. I need a towel…I want to wash up.”

“Here. You go first.”

I got off the bed and my right foot landed in a puddle of fluid.

“Did you cum on the floor?”

“Nope. That was all you.”




“When you said ‘I’m gonna squirt’ but you already are.”

“Oh. Shit. Did I wet the duvet?!” I touched the bed frantically.

I go apeshit if the bed is wet. Especially MY side of the bed.

I squirted a lot. I felt that it was coming but I didn’t know it really comes out! That’s something I need to work on. I can’t tell if I’m squirting.

After washing up, we talked before calling it a night.

“Why didn’t you use a condom the first time?”

“Because I trust you.”

“But you don’t know me. What if I’m one of those sluts who goes around fucking men?”

“I don’t think you’re like that.”

“You don’t even know half of who I am.”

“Well I like the other half.”

“It’s not even half! A quarter or something.”

“Okay. Then I like that quarter.”

He doesn’t know me. The next time I see Oscar, I want to ask if he’s into anal sex. That shall determine if he’s fun. Slowly, I want to bring him to the darker side…if he’s not already there.

2 year anniversary

It’s been two years since I’ve left my ex. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The worst thing about being single is that  sometimes you’re cockless.

The night before I left him, I was in Boat Quay with a bottle of whisky. I think I make great decisions when I drink. Or or or…drinking makes me think clearly.


I’ve been fingering until I hurt myself. This is the only time I hate my long nails. Here I am cock and cum hungry but cockless.

Anyway…I think this hunger has manifest itself. Eating half-boiled eggs for brunch…can’t help but thought of how similar they are to cum.

Cum hungry

My helper asked, “Aren’t they too runny? Don’t they smell?”

“I like it like this…”

Tasting my cum from my fingers is definitely different than eating them up from a man’s fingers or cock. I miss Richard.

5th May 2014

Two years ago today, I started my Tinder journey. Lo and behold…all the different cocks in the world!

See, I have a thing for different ethnicities and Tinder allows me to pick and choose. I need to get back on it…I am cock-hungry but cockless. So damn annoying.


I was terribly horny a few days ago. I couldn’t focus at work. I was supposed to meet Oscar but he was stuck at work and only got home after midnight. Great. Just great.

I called Richard during lunchtime, telling him I had that burning desire and needed a cock in me. Unfortunately he is nine hours away by flight…in Australia. Fuck.

In the evening, we talked on the phone again. It was an emotional rollercoaster; one moment I was laughing, the next moment I was crying. He asked if I my diet changed recently, and other questions…trying to figure this shit out.

The only difference this month is my period. It lasted for 16 days. This is excluding the lighter days. Yes. I was bleeding for more than half of the month. Why? I believe my cycle was trying to regulate itself. I missed it last month, and a few months ago, I was on pills to pause my period. This month, it came with vengeance.

Richard did some reading on Google and found out that I was going through some hormonal imbalace. Great. Just great. “Well…you have a first-hand experience of pregnancy,” he said. Jeez. I don’t want to go through that.

Usually, I’m very good at compartmentalising my emotions, but this time… I failed. Fuck hormonal imbalance. I was superbly horny and uneasy and crazy and urgh! It drives me up the wall. An entire day of mania was so exhausting. I crashed the following day. A friend said it sounds like bipolar disorder; I thought so too. I’m glad it’s over.

I’m back.

It’s been eight months since my last entry. I couldn’t bring myself to write. Was involved with a mental man. He found out about my other blog and went mental because he can’t deal with my past, saying things like “If I’m a bad person, I would have sent pictures of you to your mother”. Isn’t that blackmailing? He affected me so much, I broke down at work a few times. Moving on…

I’ve been thinking of importing posts from that blog here but I’m 50-50 about it. I need to write. I suffered from a manic episode a few nights ago and I need to release that in writing.

That aside, WordPress has been a dick. I have domain names in my head, unused by anyone but they just won’t let me have it so I settled for two new ones last night. I even created a new email account for that but I couldn’t log in to WordPress today because they didn’t send me any activation link to my email and blah blah blah. After a long time…I came up with Maneater Mania. The last few hours have been crazy! Whatever it is…

I’m glad I’m back.